Tuesday, 29 May 2012


Over the last few weeks the world has witnessed the unfolding tragedy of the situation in Syria. It now appears that there have been wholesale executions of men, women and children and we have seen horrific pictures on television of the bodies in a mortuary awaiting burial. Despite the United Nations being present the wholesale killing has continued so my question is this: just what is the point of them being there if they are not going to stop the murder of innocent victims?

It is a matter of some consolation that Syrian Diplomats are being sent packing from several countries including our own. Today Koffi Annan is in Syria attempting to get the President to honour the agreement he signed recently and stop the daily massacres of men, women and children. He denies that his troops have taken part in these war crimes; my hope is that he and the other butchers responsible will be tried for the war crimes they have committed.

In the meantime the only thing we can do is pray for the people of Syria and that they may know peace and justice..


  1. But what are YOU going to do about it?

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