Friday, 25 May 2012


I was a little puzzled the other day when I journeyed on the infamous M25 and approached what appeared to be road works (there are always road works on the M25). Signs told me that the average speed limit was 50 mph. On overhead gantrys it was easy to spot the multiplicity of speed cameras waiting for the defaulting motorist.. EXCEPT there were no road works; all the cones had been moved and for several miles the speed limit continued despite the fact that the road works had finished. I heard this afternoon that this had “confused” many motorists who, believing that the speed limit no longer applied had been caught for speeding. The M25 has a reputation for misleading signs and is one of the best money spinners in terms of fines but surely this is one step too far.


  1. Welcome to ripopff Britain 2012. What a disgrace. Little wonder that respect for the law has all but disappeared.

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