Saturday, 5 May 2012


I’m not sure how any politician can claim to have a mandate when they are elected by just 32% or less of the total electorate. Yet, for years, we have been quite happy in the UK to allow this state of affairs to continue. Surely the time is now right to introduce compulsory voting with fines for those with inadequate reason for not voting.  After all the sick and those unable to attend a Polling Station in person can now easily obtain a postal vote. It used to be quite a complicated process to be able to vote by post but not any more.

In my opinion it is a Christian duty to use one’s vote.


  1. Why is the duty to vote specifically Christian?

    In my city we have had, in succession, a Conservative led council, a Labour led council, a LD led council and now a Labour led council again. So far, in all these years, the lot of the average citizen has got worse. The turnout in local elections has got progressively worse, and I can understand why. All voting does is replace one set of clowns with another. What's the point?

  2. I respect your opinion and used to espouse it, but now I'm more inclined to think that our vote is at best an illusion of democratic power. If we had spectacularly low turnouts, tending to zero, he politicians would have to stop colluding in the illusion that what voters say or think counts for anything much. The power is where the £ is and the £ is with the bankers, and guess what? Retired MPs and PMs go off to work in the £ sector, so they won't risk offending them any more than it takes to get elected.