Friday, 4 May 2012


Yesterday I celebrated Mass for the Feast of SS Philip and James at St. Augustine’s Church, Rush Green where there was an attendance of 16 and then on to Ilford Hospital Chapel for the 12.35 p.m. Mass which, for the first time, included the Ministry of Healing. We had a congregation of 27 despite some of our most regular members being away on holiday. Like Father Edwin Barnes (see here) I too regret that we no longer keep this feast on 1st May as I too like the hymn by Percy Dearmer for this. I first heard it in Exeter Cathedral 43 years ago when Ann & I had a touring holiday of the West Country. Sadly you can no longer sing: "So God doth bring the world to spring; and on their holy day, doth the Church proclaim her Apostles' fame to welcome the first of May". (In fact, sadly, it is no longer in the New English Hymnal)

Yesterday evening we enjoyed beef cheeks for the first time and I have to say they were delicious. We saw them at the butchers and thought it would be good to try them, having seen them prepared and cooked by some of the TV chefs. Ann cooked them slowly and I can understand why they are very popular in some of the top restaurants.

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