Friday, 4 May 2012


Those are the only words I can use about the appalling numbers voting in the Elections yesterday which, according to all reports, numbered around 32% of the eligible electorate. I hardly think that those people who can’t be bothered to vote can complain about local politicians.

The problem is that there is a great deal of disillusionment about local councils and councillors as there is with MP’s and Parliament and sadly much of it is very deserved. We see local authorities drastically cutting back on services whilst councillors continue to draw their allowances and expenses with impunity. We see exorbitant rises in the cost of parking whilst the most minor of parking infringement's is fined at high levels. Spy cars, whilst ignoring the rules themselves, sit in wait, for the most minor of offences to be committed.

Up until quite recently, the house we live in was in road which had not been adopted by the council. The day it was, the spy car was here, catching people for blocking their own drives and for parking partially on the pavements – something which had been p[racticed for the ten years the development has been here and which is allowed all around the area. Despite asking for this to be allowed, it has not been approved. The result is that visitors used to the provision of partial pavement parking all around, are unaware that this is not permitted in our particular roads and lay themselves open to be caught by the “spy” car and to be fined. It seems to me that councils are using these means not to correct illegal behaviour but as a money spinning operation.

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