Sunday, 6 May 2012


Today I presided and preached at the Solemn Concelebrated Mass at St. Alban’s, Ilford. It was a real pleasure to be at St. Albans. I based my sermon on the Gospel and especially the words of Jesus: “I am the true vine.” I recalled how surprised I had been, when some years ago, I had visited a parishioner who told me that he never darkened the door of the local church because the Vicar had upset him. As I had never met him before I knew it wasn’t me so I enquired when this had happened to be informed it was thirty years previously. I pointed out that you can’t be a real Christian without being part of the Church and without being grated on to the true vine which gives us the nourishment we need, through the Mass.

After Mass I returned to St Augustine’s to pick Ann up and for coffee.  Next week I am going to be away from St. Augustine’s again as I am going to St. Pauls, Goodmayes.



May is so beautiful:
Orchards are fair;
Branches of fruit trees
Make gardens of air.

Flowers of fragrance
Bloom in the light;
Fall like the snowflakes
Showering white.

Orchards of heaven
Grow with a grace,
And like a blessing
Perfume the place.

Each tree in blossom,
Each lovely spray,
In this month of Our Lady,
Bring glory to May.

Helen Maring
The Magnificat. Volume LXVIII. Number 1. May 1941.

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