Thursday, 17 May 2012


Today, I celebrated a Solemn Mass, at Ilford Hospital Chapel, in honour of the Ascension of Our Lord Jesus Christ. It was an opportunity to use for the first time a thurible which has been given to the Chapel and which Tom has refurbished. We also received two new kneelers for the Sanctuary beautifully embroidered by Pamela with insignia of Our Lady on one, and the insignia of St. Thomas of Canterbury on the other.


Yesterday I attended the SSC Chapter of St. Helena which was held at St. Alban’s, Ilford. We had a very interesting talk by a local Registrar about “sham” marriages of which there have been a proliferation in the greater Ilford area.

The Redbridge & Havering Ordinariate Exploratory Group Meeting

Yesterday evening there was a meeting of the Redbridge & Havering Ordinariate Exploratory Group which started with a Mass offered for the Ordinary Monsignor Keith Newton, for all those who have joined the
Ordinariate and for all those exploring if the Ordinariate is right for them. After tea and coffee we had a meeting in two parts: the first considered the impact of the Passover Meal we shared on Palm Sunday and then, in the second, we considered our future programme which will include spending some more time on the Evangelium Course


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