Saturday, 29 October 2011


I went to the Saturday Shop at St. Augustine’s, Rush Green as usual this morning and was asked by one of those present my position with regard to all that has been happening at St. Paul’s Cathedral.

I have been pondering this ever since it all started but have refrained from making any comment on the blog until I have formulated some sensible conclusions. I must begin by saying I think it was regrettable that the Cathedral shut up shop with the somewhat lame excuse of “Health & Safety” which now seems to be trotted out ad infinitum by all and sundry. The amount of money that the Cathedral says it has lost because of the closure beggars belief. I refuse personally to pay to visit a Cathedral and totally disagree with the idea of charging admission but I’m probably in a minority of one!

The reason for the protest has been brought into sharp focus with the announcement yesterday of the pay rises awarded to Executives and Directors of some FTSE companies.

Should the Cathedral seek to obtain an injunction to remove the protestors? Or join itself with others who are seeking an injunction? I think it would be terrible if we saw the same scenes at St. Paul’s as we witnessed recently at Dale Farm and this could very well be the outcome should an injunction be granted and the police attempt to remove the protestors. It was for this reason that The Revd. Dr. Giles Fraser resigned.

I think that every means possible should be used to get the protestors to move away peacefully and without any sort of violence. If violence does occur as a result of police action the resultant publicity for St. Paul’s and for the church generally will be appalling.

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