Friday, 7 October 2011


We left Orkney and travelled overnight to Shetland after a wonderful sampler meal in a local restaurant based on Orkney specialities including local beer and malt whiskey. We had a really comfortable cabin and arrived at Lerwick quite early. Before leaving the boat we enjoyed a really super breakfast. Some of the places we visited are pictured below. After the morning trip we returned to Lerwick for lunch and looked around the small town. we looked at a Fish and Chip shop but decided it wasn’t for us and continued to look for something else, but not finding any where for a snack rather than a full blown meal. The Fish and Chip shop was right on the quay and one the way back we spotted some of our fellow travellers who told us the fish etc. was superb. So we enjoyed Shetland Fish and Chips and very good it was too and very reasonable.

We continued our tour in the afternoon until it was time to return to the ship for dinner and the overnight crossing to Aberdeen. Once again the food was excellent but the sea was quite choppy and some folk were quite poorly especially around the Faroes. However Ann and I enjoyed dinner and then we both slept like logs until we arrived early in Aberdeen.After quiet a leisurely breakfast we left the boat and started on our journey back home.

Shetland is absolutely beautiful and I hope we can go again and spend more time there.



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