Sunday, 16 October 2011


This morning I was celebrant and preacher at St. Mary’s Ilford. I was made very welcome, as always and today Ann was able to come with me. It is the Years Mind of Chris Stevenson who was the Director of Music at St. Francis when I was the Vicar and who sadly died last year. Some of the choir of St. Mary’s knew Chris well as he was a member of several choral societies in the Ilford area. and they also sang with the choir that Chris organised, which augmented the church choir from time to time. It was good that we remembered him in our prayers. Strangely, the final hymn was one of Chris’ favourites “ How can I tell that He, whom angels worship”.

The choir were in good form this morning and sang the Mass to Nicholson in C.

I based my sermon on the Gospel and the trick question the Pharisees put to Jesus “Is it right to pay tribute to Caesar”. and how he answered that we should render to Caesar what is his and give to God what is his.

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