Sunday, 23 October 2011


It was good to be back at St. Augustine’s this Sunday although I very much enjoyed being at St. Mary’s. I was very impressed by St. Mary’s new vestments which I understand they have imported from Poland. All the colours in both chasubles and copes and at very reasonable prices.

During the week I had the dubious pleasure of going to Queen’s Hospital for an audio test. I was impressed by the audiologist and the care and skill with which she dealt with me. I first encountered a hearing problem in my 30’s and had extensive tests at Southampton Hospital which resulted in me being prescribed a hearing aid. Sadly I could never get to grips with the thing and stopped using it within a very short space of time. If anything it made things very much worse! I’ve coped without it every since but just recently I’ve noticed my hearing deteriorating – sign of age! I sometimes find it difficult to discern speech although most of the time, fortunately, there’s been a minimal effect on hearing music. Well, after my visit to Queens I now possess a brand new digital hearing aid which I am trying hard to use, (from time to time.) I still dislike the thing but I must keep at it, I suppose.

Our new cat, Lenny, has settled very well. He was found wandering in Rush Green and despite extensive advertising including door-to-door leaflets nobody came forward to claim him after several weeks. He is a delightful tom cat and we told the cat rescue that we would adopt him if nobody claimed him. He has made himself very much at home and is anxious to be with either Ann or I all the time; he’s not too keen on being on his own although we’ve left him without any problems. After just about a year since our previous cat died it is great to have a cat in the house again.

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