Tuesday, 25 October 2011


David Cameron might have won the vote in the House of Commons last night on the EU but, in doing so and by imposing a three-line whip, he lost a lot of sympathy in the country. As one of the comments in todays Telegraph Blog says: “The more than 80 Conservative MPs who bravely defied a three-line whip in calling for a referendum on British membership of the European Union represent the views of seven in ten British voters, including 71 per cent of Conservative voters according to a new Guardian/ICM poll.” I don’t believe most people want to abandon the EU completely but I think the majority are fed up to the back teeth with the stupid rules and regulations that keep emerging from Brussels and which we, i.e. the UK, impose straight away unlike our European neighbours who are not so diligent in their obedience.

Whilst I remain convinced that our future lies within Europe I would like to see a return to the UK of many powers which have been delegated to Brussels and I would particularly like to see a substantial reduction in the amount we pay for the privilege of being members.

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    Week ending 22 October: Libyan Freedom Fighters, with support from the UK and encouragement from David Cameron, finally overthrow the tyrannical regime of Gaddafi and kill him (possibly illegal killing).

    Week commencing 23 October: Cameron denies UK voters their democratic right to determine their own future with regard to the EU dictatorship.

    It's a funny old world!