Thursday, 26 August 2010

Just a Slip

On Monday afternoon we suffered torrential rain which only lasted around 20 minutes. When it had stopped my granddaughter wanted to take her toy pushchair out into the garden so Ann opened the back door at our daughter’s house, stepped outside and slipped on the patio twisting her leg underneath her and banging it on the wood with considerable force. As a result she had to go into hospital Monday evening where, after various tests they found she had damaged her tibia. On Tuesday she returned to hospital for a scan and a consultation with the consultant who decided she needed an operation to pin her bone. She was admitted and had her operation late yesterday afternoon. She was well enough to be able to return home this afternoon (Wednesday). It will take 6 weeks for her to be able to use her leg which is now in a splint from above the knee to her foot. Many thanks to the staff of the North Middlesex Hospital who dealt with this very efficiently and so quickly and who were so helpful.

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