Thursday, 5 August 2010

Comment on the Letter by 15 Bishops

It had originally been my intention to comment on the Letter by 15 Bishops which I put on the blog several days ago but Bishop Edwin has done so quite brilliantly on his blog that I feel it would be better if that was read rather than anything I could write which would not be nearly so succinct and well thought out. ( However I would like to comment on the idea in the letter that Catholics should stand for General Synod in the hope that they could defeat the legislation on Women Bishops.

There is no hope that the legislation can be defeated. And even if it were, by some strange chance, it will reappear and keep reappearing until it is passed. Those who are so determined not to provide for the needs of Anglo-Catholics are not going to give up!

Choices have to be made and to rely on the possibility of defeat of the legislation in General Synod is, I think, living in cloud cuckoo land. The most that Catholics elected to Synod could hope to achieve is that they may be able to influence the contents of the Code of Practice and I have my doubts about that. Whatever is in the Code you can rest assured it will not meet the needs of Anglo-Catholics and as has been said many times not least by the Bishops who signed the Letter a Code of Practice will not do. It seems to me that the only way forward for Anglo-Catholics is through the Ordinariate.

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