Sunday, 8 August 2010


Today I celebrated and preached at the Parish Mass at St. Augustine’s, Rush Green. To view an outline of my sermon see: Although I didn’t refer to the Ordinariate it was in my mind as I talked about how the Israelites had been called to undertake a journey of faith when they set out from Egypt. And how Abraham and Sara had to undertake a journey of faith not knowing where God was calling them to go but aware that that was what God was calling them to do. As I preached the Ordinariate came very much to my mind although I hadn’t set out to preach about it and in fact didn’t do so. The journey into the Ordinariate is a journey of faith for those God is calling to set forth. Some will go straight away; some will have to wait a while longer depending on both circumstances and prior commitments. When they make that journey is not, in a way, important, as long as they obey what they feel God is calling them to do, and do it in faith and at the earliest it is possible to do so.

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