Thursday, 10 January 2013


This morning I went to the Chapel armed with a camera as I have been asked to supply some photo’s of our hanging pyx.


I understand that these are quite rare. Ours is in constant use.

In my sermon today I talked about how Jesus came to bring good news to the poor and commented about the fact that we have been asked to collect more items for the local food bank. I said that I thought it was a national disgrace that in the 21st century there were many local families who had insufficient income to buy food and who had to rely on a food bank. In a country which calls itself Christian how can we allow this situation to arise. As His representatives, we now have to bring the good news of Jesus’ to the poor and that will hardly be achieved by restricting inflation rises to benefits to 1% for the next three years whilst we cut the top rates of tax for the very wealthy giving them massive tax savings.

Preparations are now well in hand for the Week of Prayer for Christian Unity with a Service every day at the Chapel at 12 noon taken by different denominations. On the Thursday of the Week of Prayer, we will be organising the mid-day service and will be following this with a Mass for Christian Unity.

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