Sunday, 13 January 2013

1,000 priests sign letter to The Daily Telegraph

It was particularly good news yesterday to read the letter objecting to the proposals to introduce Gay Marriage signed by 1,000+ Roman Catholic priests and some RC Bishops. This proposal from the Coalition Government has, as far as I can see, no mandate to take such a course of action; it was not part of either the Conservative or the Liberal Democrats manifestos and is not supported by thousands around the UK. If this actually becomes law it will totally undermine the Sacrament of Marriage.


  1. Joseph Golightly13 January 2013 at 15:13

    Is there an equivalent Church of England letter?

  2. Sad;ly, not that I am aware of. I think many have signed the Coalition for Marriage petition.

    1. .... which the government has ignored. Come 2015 many of us will be ignoring the government.