Friday, 11 January 2013


Good News! Senior MPs oppose redefining marriage

Senior Tory Dr Liam Fox - the former Secretary of Defence - has said he will vote against the redefinition of marriage. He's one of more than 130 Tory MPs to say they are against the plans. He also says the Government's plans are "divisive" and "ill thought through".

Meanwhile, senior Labour MP David Blunkett has also attacked the Government's plans as a "complete dog's dinner", adding, "I do not think that the government is entirely clear what it is doing or why it is doing it." He says he'll listen to the voters before deciding how he'll vote.

And the current Energy Minister, John Hayes, says he will be voting against the proposals because marriage between men and women is the best environment for children.

All of which suggests there will be strong opposition against the plans in the House of Commons, but even if the proposals are passed by MPs the Government will face a tough time in the House of Lords.

The Coalition for Marriage’s polling of the Lords shows that most Peers favour putting it on hold because it does not command public support. And an even greater majority object to any attempt by the Government to ram the measure through using the Parliament Act.

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