Tuesday, 24 April 2012


Yesterday evening I concelebrated Mass at St. George’s Church, Brentwood with a packed church. Father Gareth Jones from St. Mary’s Church, Ilford preached an excellent sermon and after Mass Father Gary and his parishioners laid on an splendid buffet.


If you only had the television and radio to provide information about the candidates for the Mayor of London you could be excused for thinking that there were only 4 candidates: Boris Johnson (Conservative) Ken Livingstone (Labour) Brian Paddick (Liberal Democrats) and Jenny Jones (Green). Yet there are 3 other candidates about whom we had heard very little. They are Siobhan Benita (Independent) Carlos Cortiglia (BNP) and Lawrence Webb (UKIP) Although the television companies mention the other candidates whenever there is a broadcast debate etc. they are excluded from the debate itself. Yet I, and I’m sure many other voters would like to know what the other candidates are like, what they stand for and their opinions on what is best for London. I would like to see this in a proper open debate which would sort the “wheat from the chaff”.

One opinion poll puts Siobhan Benita and Lawrence Webb ahead of Jenny Jones so surely in the last few days prior to Election Day on 3rd May the voters in London deserve the chance to make an informed decision. I personally find it reprehensible that the TV companies decide which candidates are eligible to present their views to viewers. In my opinion this gives an unfair advantage to four of the seven candidates..

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