Sunday, 1 April 2012


Years ago I learnt that if you want to avoid a crisis one very good way to do so is to cause another. For the Government the crisis over the reduction of tax allowances for OAP’s, the reduction of income tax for millionaires and the increase in the cost of pies, pasties etc. plus the Party Treasurer offering dinner with the P.M. for £250,000 caused no end of bad press. So what better way of diverting attention than by creating a crisis with petrol causing total chaos in all the garages in this area and around the UK with most, if not all, totally out of petrol. To emphasis the situation, one idiot minister suggested filling up jerry cans and it is not inconceivable that the woman who sustained 40% burns when the petrol she was decanting caught fire is down to just that. Are resignations in the air? Somehow I doubt it, politicians no longer resign when they make a complete hash of things!

I’m afraid though that the bad publicity is continuing with my Sunday paper highlighting the 20% increase in pies and pasties whilst owners of fish and chip shops who have paid VAT claiming they have been wrongly assessed and taking action to obtain refunds.

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  1. That's real generosity on your part Father. I doubt they've the ability even to create a diversion.