Friday, 27 April 2012

Breakfast (but not at Tiffany's)

On Thursday, with the most terrible weather I celebrated the 10.00a.m. Mass at St Augustine’s, Rush Green where I had a congregation of 16 and then went on to Ilford for the 12.35 p.m. Mass at the Hospital Chapel with a congregation of 21. Obviously the heavy rain did not deter too many.After Mass we have tea, coffee and other refreshments but this week we were invited to our next door neighbours the Conservative Club  by one of the congregation This was originally a home of Prime Minister Lord Salisbury. From the outside it looks very dreary but inside there’s quite a dramatic transformation. The room we were in is wood panelled. There are large meeting rooms and it is often used for banquets. What was once a badminton court upstairs for the Salisbury family is now used as a ballroom.

Today we went to Ikea as we need some more storage for the kitchen. We went early so we could enjoy their full English Breakfast for 99p including coffee/.tea. As usual it was full of people on the same mission. For 99p we had a sausage, bacon, baked beans, grilled tomato, hash brown and scrambled egg. Needless to say Ikea didn’t have what we wanted so we went to another retailer where Ann found it. Tomorrow we are heading of to Swindon to visit mother-in-law whose celebrates her 96th birthday on Monday.

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