Saturday, 14 April 2012

The Revd. Canon Reginald Askew

It was with sadness that I learnt yesterday of the death of Reggie Askew, the Principal of Salisbury & Wells Theological College when I was a student there. Reggie was an authority on Jeremy Taylor a 17th century priest who became a Bishop in Ireland. Reggie went on from Salisbury & Wells to become Dean of King’s College, London.

May he Rest in Peace and Rise in Glory


  1. He was a good Principal. I remember his challenging way with ordinands, if he thought they were being intellectually lazy. He would ask a pertinent question and sit back, waiting for a considered response.

  2. The Church of England has so few real characters left. Reggie had such a grasp of holiness and was nevertheless so very down to earth. I was one of his students and he wrote of me in his closing assessment 'Colin speaks the truth incisively and will therefore be very lonely.'This has been very true at times. His no nonsense approach to life did much to mold my ministry. Not a man you could easily forget.

    The Revd. Colin Roberts

  3. A good Principal under which to learn the spiritual side of ministry.