Friday, 23 March 2012

WHAT A WEEK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

On Wednesday the Exploratory Group met at St. Augustine’s, celebrated Mass and then continues the study of the development of the Mass from New Testament times. This is in preparation for a celebration of a Passover Meal on Palm Sunday evening.

On Thursday I celebrated Mass at St. Augustine’s and then a quick drive from Rush Green to Ilford to celebrate Mass at the Hospital Chapel. Home around 3.30 so just time to have a quick rest before supper and back to St. Augustine’s for Stations of the Cross. Like an idiot I left my glasses at home and these days I need them to read pretty well anything. What to do? I couldn’t see the Stations I had prepared, I couldn’t see the hymn book and there wasn’t time to go home to get my glasses. Our Lay Reader Joan arrived and I shared the problem with her and she suggested I tried her glasses. We must have a similar prescription because they were just fine so I was able to take Stations with no problem.

Today Ann and I went to Earls Court to the Ideal Home Exhibition using complimentary tickets we had been given. We had an enjoyable time looking at all the things we couldn’t afford and many that we wouldn’t buy even if we could afford to do so. We haven’t been for many years but we remembered when we used to go occasionally that there were always long queues to go round the show houses and there still are so we didn’t bother……………….perhaps next year we’ll go round them if we are given complimentary tickets again.


  1. Another Exploratory Group - how exciting. When is the reception - Holy Week presumably?

  2. Not this Holy Week - no date has yet been decided