Wednesday, 14 March 2012

Our new Cooker!

Today our new cooker arrived and was fitted. Our old cooker gave up the ghost last week-end – something which was not entirely unexpected as it has been playing up for a while. We went round various outlets and eventually found what we thought would be an ideal replacement but were somewhat daunted by the price of £699 plus £85 to fit, plus £9 to take the old one away, plus £5 for delivery.

After consulting “Which” we concluded that the cooker we had seen best met our needs and I decided to see what prices were quoted on the Internet. I found that it was £150 cheaper at Sainsburys than Comet so I ordered it from them. When the delivery people phoned to say they were on their way we discovered that it was being supplied, delivered and fitted by…………………..COMET (who did it really well). We’ve just enjoyed our first meal cooked on our new cooker but I still can’t believe that I ordered the cooker from Sainsburys and got it from Comet!!!!!!!!! and considerably cheaper as well.

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