Monday, 26 March 2012


As a result of our impecuniosity and the urgent desire to have a wonderful and expensive holiday, we have decided to follow the example of a certain party treasurer and offer to meet and entertain people in accordance with their donations to our funds.

We thought a suitable scale might go something like this:-

1 Tea or Coffee in the garden with a hot cross bun or mince pie £25

2 The same in the sitting room with a brief meeting with our cat £30

3 Two course Supper with wine and the opportunity to meet the wife £100

4 Premier League. Dinner with me plus wine, minimum £250

We need to recruit an organiser as we expect to be inundated with requests but Cruddas is not available. Applications to be considered as a guest enclosing cash as above, preferably in a brown envelope, can be dropped through my letterbox at any time.

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