Monday, 1 April 2013




The last 8 days have been quite something. After preaching on Palm Sunday, on Monday the Chrism Mass at the Cathedral, and Mass & homily at St Augustine’s, a Civic Service on Tuesday at the Hospital Chapel, on Thursday a Mass of the Last Supper at the Hospital Chapel followed by the evening Mass and Watch at St. Augustine’s ,at which I gave the homily, on Good Friday a service prior to the March of Witness and Stations of the Cross at the Hospital Chapel, playing the organ for the Devotional Service at St. Augustine’s followed by the Solemn Liturgy, on Saturday the New Fire and first Mass of Easter at the Hospital Chapel and on Easter Day the Easter Liturgy (New Fire, Vigil etc.), at 5.00 a.m. followed by the Solemn Mass of Easter and finally Prayer Book Evensong & Benediction at which I played the organ; this has been a rather busy time. But it has also been a wonderful time as well, even though I’m feeling a little exhausted.

Both my wife Ann and I feel that this has been a very inspiring and moving Triduum. The Solemn Mass of Easter at St. Augustine’s at which I presided was wonderful. Every year, for the last 5 years, the attendance at this service has increased and once again it did so this year to give us a full church including 21 children. After Mass we adjourned to the hall for refreshments (this is the first time we’ve done this at Easter) and it proved to be very successful with most folk coming. It meant that those making the tea and coffee worked really hard.

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