Monday, 15 April 2013


I have received the following communication from The Coalition for Marriage which I am publishing on my blog to give it as wide a publicity as possible.

The elites who are pushing for marriage to be redefined want you to give up. They are promoting the myth that redefining marriage is ‘inevitable’. They hope you’ll just go away, sit in a corner, and keep quiet.

But we know your commitment to marriage is stronger than that. We are not going away, and neither are you.

The local elections are under a month away, and we intend to make sure that candidates realise how voters feel about politicians meddling with marriage.

Also, the Bill to redefine marriage has yet to reach the Lords where it is sure to face strong opposition. It is possible the Bill could fall in the Lords. Together we can keep the real meaning of marriage.

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  1. Very unfortunate that we in London do not have elections next month to use as a means of protest. But there are both council and European parliament elections next year. Bring it on! None of us will forget.