Wednesday, 24 April 2013



O blessed Mark, your book so brief
was first to give the Gospel form:
the catechesis Peter preached
you penned in language unadorned.

So close in time and to the source,
your hand reveals those early years;
Christ’s messianic secret is
proclaimed to anyone who hears.

Christ is the great Messiah-King,
yet Isra’l's hopes had been misplaced:
he came to serve, and serving, die
- but he, the “Son of Man”, God raised.

Great Alexandra claimed you hers
as founding bishop for her faith:
tradition holds that your remains
and holy name, both, Venice, grace.

Your legacy, a precious link
with what occurred in Palestine:
the Lord you loved and served as scribe
still lives through you to our own time.

O Judah’s Lion, Lord of Life,
to whom the four great creatures bow:
the one who claim’s the lion’s share
shall ever praise you, then, as now

by Brother Aelred

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