Sunday, 24 February 2013


This morning I presided at the Parish Mass at St. Edwards, Romford. I was very grateful to the Curate who showed me around and assisted, and who preached on the subject of the Bishop of Chelmsford Diocesan Plan called “Transforming Presence”. A large choir sang the Mass to an equally large congregation which needed 2 Ciborium and four chalices for the numbers. At the end of the service the altar party went to the back of church to shake hands with folk and it took nearly a quarter of an hour. It is interesting that where the faith is faithfully preached congregations fill churches. I was interested to hear that some people travel quite a distance to be there whilst the majority live locally.


  1. Where is this Church father? I thought you were the 'curate' of St Augustine, Romford?

  2. Whoops - should be St. Edwards.Thanksa Father