Friday, 8 February 2013


Eight senior women are to be added to the House of Bishops as non-voting members until such time as at least six women bishops have been appointed. This great piece of news emerged yesterday and is in the Church Times and Church of England Newspaper today, whoopee!!!!!

It seems to me that the House of Bishops is determined to have women in the episcopacy regardless of the clear vote against in General Synod so there will another run of the vote later this year. In the meanwhile we will have these “senior” women in the House of Bishops as a sort of bishop-designate. Those of us who believe in the faith handed down from the Apostles and maintained through 2,000 years wonder what our Bishops, the apostles successors, think they are up to by ignoring this.

I’ve no doubt, that in the fullness of time, the liberal agenda will succeed and women will become bishops. Wouldn’t it make senses to wait until then before inviting women into the House of Bishops. One can only hope and pray that when that time does come, suitable and acceptable provision will be made for those of us who cannot, in conscience, accept this novelty.

As an aside I came across a situation recently where a women vicar is insisting that her congregation call her Father. So here we have a female priest demanding to be called by a male designation – the mind boggles.


  1. Joseph Golightly8 February 2013 at 15:10

    Nutty! And if there is a woman quota why not other classes like black, yellow, Londoners, Religious - I could go on. There is absolutely no understanding of catholic order nor priesthood. Just let them get on with the omnishambles they have created and find somewhere where you are not fighting all of the time. Many will have to give up their lifestyles but that does sound pretty biblical to me. Over to you!

  2. With regard to your aside, Father, given the mental gymnastics this week of 400 of our legislating class I can begin to understand the poor lady's confusion.

  3. The moral courage required to bat on such a sticky wicket is admirable, Fr. It will, of course, get worse as the umpires bend then change the rules of the game in the course of the innings. The time will doubtless come when you think it best to make your declaration and walk, bat under arm, head up and with mixed feelings of sadness and relief. Those who went before you will welcome you with applause and open arms.

  4. Father, I greatly admire your courage in waiting for adequate provision, but it will never happen, given the urgency with which the C of E seeks to overturn a decision made under its own voting rules. A warm welcome awaits you in the Holy Church, when you can stand it no longer!