Thursday, 6 September 2012



Yesterday Ann and I went to the Paralympics. We managed to get tickets for Goal Ball which is a game played by blind folk who use a ball with a bell inside. You have to sit quietly and are only allowed to applaud when the referee says. We went to the quarter final between GB and Sweden and GB lost 2 –1 after extra time.



Our ticket included a Day Pass so we were able to spend time looking around at this most impressive site. We were also able to go to the 7 Aside Football between Brazil and the Ukraine.


We were shocked by the prices charged for food: for example £6 for a Jacket Potato, £8.50 for Fish and Chips (the fish was small – very small) and served in a plastic container – ugh, £2.30 for a Coca Cola or other soft drink £1.60 for a bottle of water etc.

I was very impressed with the river walks and the abundance of wild flowers. We weren’t able to get any tickets for the Olympics but I have to say going to the Paralympics more than made up for this.

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