Sunday, 23 September 2012


We had many visitors yesterday and today at the Ilford Hospital Chapel for the Open House. Guided tours were available to those who wanted them and an excellent range of refreshments were on sale for those who came. Many thanks to all those who helped in any way to ensure the success of this weekend.


As Father Gareth and many of his congregation were on Pilgrimage to Walsingham I was at St. Mary’s Ilford to celebrate their Parish Mass and to preach. Although many were away we still had a good number present, a full team of servers and an excellent choir. In my sermon, based on today’s Gospel, I pointed out how Jesus regarded children as very important. In the past, in some societies, girls had not been held in high regard and had often been killed at birth. Even today this awful situation exists in some parts of our world. In this country we didn’t regarded ourselves as guilty of this crime and yet every day abortions are taking place often for no better reason than contraception was not used. Abortions in most cases are no better than what happens in some parts of the Third World to children at birth – they are both murder. We have to become like little children, the gospel reminds us, and if we want to be great in the Kingdom of Heaven we have to become the servant of all.

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