Sunday, 30 September 2012


We celebrated Harvest at the Ilford Hospital Chapel on Thursday. Tins were collected for the Ilford Foodbank and donations for “Send-a-Cow” a charity we are supporting this year. During my homily I reminded people that this was Part 1 of our celebrations; Part 2 would be Sunday evening at St. Mary’s Church Ilford who was acting as host to the Ilford Town Centre Fellowship of Churches with a Harvest Choral Evensong.

Thursday evening Ann and I went to Ilford College’s Rouge Restaurant for an Olympic Meal. Many of the students had been involved catering at the Olympic site during the Games and they decided to host an evening, using some of the dishes they had served there and which included British, Asian, European etc and very good it was too.

Sadly on the way home I felt I was developing a cold, which has turned into a rather nasty chest infection. This has meant that I’ve had to cancel taking part in tonight’s service at St. Mary’s as I’m not certain my voice would hold up (it keeps going – some might say that was a good thing) I managed to preach this morning at St Augustine’s but was concerned that I might not get through it. I’m disappointed about this evening but Ann has gone to support it and will tell me all about it later.


  1. Hot toddies are your only man ... they do nothing for the cold, but if you have enough of them you don't care anymore!

    Seriously, Father - look after yourself & I hope you feel better soon. +

  2. Yes, indeed - hope you're getting a good nursing services! Warm wishes from Slovenia.