Tuesday, 3 January 2012


We didn’t go out New Years Eve until the evening so were somewhat surprised to find a Post Office Card through the door telling us the postman had called and had been unable to deliver a packet. I would be able to collect it on Tuesday from the local depot. When I arrived this morning at said depot I couldn’t believe how many other people were on a similar mission. Which leads me to the question: did the Postman try to deliver the package or did he just put the card through the door.

Before I retired my study was in the front of the Vicarage so I could see people coming and going and on one occasion.I saw a Post Office Van stop and the driver get out and put something through the letterbox: a card inviting me to go to the depot to collect a parcel which he had been unable to deliver because there was nobody in! Before he drove of I managed to get him and he then, some what reluctantly, gave me the parcel.When I said he hadn’t knocked he said I couldn’t have heard him. Rubbish! I was right by the front door and clearly saw him draw up and put the card through the letterbox and not even try to make a delivery. Sadly this was quite a frequent occurrence in that area but I thought those days had gone.

So, I just wonder, was this history repeating itself: We were certainly in, and when we found the card it was sandwiched between several other pieces of mail. Well, I suppose it doesn’t matter too much; I got the parcel this morning but it would have been nice to have had it when the sender intended.I think most Postmen and women do a great job but just a few spoil it for the others and for the rest of us.

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  1. I guess you are right,maybe the postman is in a hurry or he just simply lied?