Friday, 20 January 2012


At long last, there is a report of the Working Committee on the Code of Practice which will come into effect after the passing of the legislation for the Consecration of women as Bishops in the Church of England, to make provision for those of us who cannot accept that women can be bishops. This can be read here.It is a long document and if you are an insomniac will soon send you to sleep.

On many occasions and in many places it has been said “that a Code of Conduct will not do” and after reading this I have to say I haven’t changed my mind on that – it will not do. Before commenting any further I will read the document again but my initial reaction is as above.

General Synod meet in early February and will be spending time discussing the legislation; it is not too late for the Measure to be rejected which would mean that it can’t be re-introduced for five years or for different and more satisfactory provision to be made for traditionalists. Please keep members of General Synod in your prayers.

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