Monday, 2 January 2012


Today, after a rather lazy breakfast, we went to Hainault Forest and enjoyed a walk around the lake, admiring the many different species of bird for whom the lake is home. Regrettably Redbridge Council now impose quite a substantial parking charge (£1 for an hour £3 all day) An hour isn’t really long enough and, this time of year, we hardly would want to be there all day. Hainault Forest is a wonderful asset which has been very well used and appreciated by people from all over the area and it seems such a shame that parking charges at the present high rate will deter people from using this wonderful facility to the full. I sometimes think that Local Authorities know the cost of everything but the value of nothing! We just had time before our hour expired to enjoy a cup of tea in the on site cafe…..we would have stayed longer but the cost, I’m afraid, put us of…..when you’re retired you have to watch the pennies!!!!!!

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