Monday, 15 August 2011



Today we took our granddaughter to Colchester Zoo where we are Platinum Members which means we can visit as often as we like free of charge. Our daughter and son-in-law gave us membership as a gift a few months ago and we really enjoy going there. Today the place was packed with people enjoying the decent weather and there were loads of children and teenagers there but I didn’t notice any bad behaviour – just kids enjoying themselves – what a contrast to the mindless vandals who did all the destruction in the recent riots

In the past I’ve never been too keen on Zoos as I don’t like seeing wild animals coped up in small cages but at Colchester they have large areas to run around in and they seem very happy and content.

I am very fond of Baby Hippos and for the last couple of Christmas’s the family have sponsored Venus, a baby hippo, for me so every time I go to the zoo I pay her a visit. I’ve tried to get her photograph but as you can see she’s somewhat camera shy.

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