Sunday, 7 August 2011

Road Up!!!!!

After celebrating Mass at St. Augustine’s today, we intended to go home for a quick lunch and then to go to the Military and Flying Machines Show at the Damyns Hall Aerodrome, Upminster. Romford at the moment is surrounded by road works – everywhere you go they are digging up the road, or resurfacing it, or replacing water pipes or gas pipes or sewage pipes. Journeys which would normally take 10 to 15 minutes are taking anything up to 30 minutes with temporary traffic lights, roads closed or major diversions. It is a complete nightmare and something we have had to live with since last year. Today driving towards Upminster we were confronted by a major hold up and complete traffic chaos as workmen were resurfacing the road and holding up traffic in three or four directions at the same time. We sat in the queue for absolute ages watching the growing chaos – unbelievable.

In passing, one of the things which really annoy me is when the road is dug up; there are temporary traffic lights but never a workman in sight. There is one such quite close to where we live: the road has been closed in one direction for the best part of two weeks as there is a large hole but although I pass this quite frequently I have never seen anybody there doing anything with the hole. One of the local traders told me yesterday that it was going to be another three weeks before the hole is filled in. In the meanwhile, this business and others, who rely on passing trade, is losing revenue.

But to continue…….when we finally got on our way, the heavens opened and we had a torrential downpour so, thoroughly fed up, we turned round and came back home a different way and, of course, never got to the Military and Flying Machines Show. One of the servers who went yesterday told me this morning that it was really splendid – we will have to wait until next year and try again.

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