Sunday, 21 August 2011


Last night I watched a television programme which I think was one of the worse I have ever seen (no I’m not talking about the “X” Factor). This excuse of a programme which comprised of the utmost drivel was on BBC1 and is called “EPIC WIN”. Contestants who have “unusual” skills are challenged to use them in a task. If they complete the task three celebrity comedians/non entities allocate sums of money ranging from £1 to £1,000 each. The contestant then have to guess the amount that has been allotted. Various figures appear on the screen and they have to push a button. If they go a £1 over they lose. Last night we were enthralled by some one recognising which lawn mower had cut which strip of grass. They had to get three right and, in fact, got all five. One contestant had to identify various songs with just a couple of notes – they failed. Another had to change his clothes whilst balancing a football.. I’m grateful to note that only 6 of these totally inane moronic programmes have been made. I really don’t think the BBC should be wasting licence money on this sort of garbage.

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