Tuesday, 22 March 2011


Authorised by the United Nations, the UK together with the USA, France etc., has mounted a no fly zone in Libya which has now been in place for several days. Gaddifi the dictator of Libya, has repressed his people for many years and now has taken armed action against them, shelling and killing many innocent people campaigning for democracy. This is the man that was responsible for supplying semtex to the IRA and for the Lockerbie bombing yet it is only a short while ago that the Prime Minister of the day, Tony Blair, was courting Gaddifi.

In a report in The Daily Telegraph, Rose Prince – Political Correspondent points out that: that the two leaders agreed to co-operate on defence matters in a range of areas, including exchanging information about defence structures and technology. It was signed during the former Labour prime minister’s “Blair-well” tour of Africa in May 2007, in Gaddafi’s tent in the Libyan desert. Included in the document was an agreement on “co-operation in the training of specialised military units, special forces and border security units”. They also signed up to “exchanges of information on Nato and EU military and civil security organisations”. The document was personally signed by Mr Blair and Gaddafi. Together with many others we have been supplying arms to this dictator.

Why are we taking this action? We let the people of Rwanda suffer genocide and the west stood by and did nothing. We have let the people of Zimbabwe suffer under the repression of Mugabe and have done nothing. I think that the only reason we are involved in Libya is oil.

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