Monday, 7 March 2011

Giving a Wave to the First Wave

It is with a tinge of sadness that I am watching so many priests and people, colleagues and friends, depart from the Church of England to make their spiritual home in the Ordinariate. From Ash Wednesday they will begin a Eucharistic Fast until Holy Thursday. They go on their spiritual journey accompanied by our prayers and good wishes. This is the first wave and others will be joining them later. Already 5 wonderful Bishops have made the journey to Rome in preparation for the Ordinariate and they are now Roman Catholic Clergy.

It was interesting to listen to a speaker from REFORM at a meeting I attended last week. The problems that the Evangelicals are facing with the legislation to consecrate women as Bishops and other liberal innovations are, in many ways, the same that are faced by Catholics but unlike Anglo-Catholics they don’t have the option of taking up the offer of the Holy Father of the Ordinariate.

I wonder if those who have been so keen to introduce all the liberal changes in the Church of England fully realise the price that is being paid by their intransigence. Although they make think otherwise, it’s not just about women in the Episcopate but all the other things which are contrary to the tradition of the Church and the scriptures. It is also the breaking of an solemn undertaking, given to Parliament and to Anglo-Catholics and others, enshrined in the Act of Synod, which is now to being revoked by the passing of the Legislation to consecrate women. Any promises made to traditionalists by General Synod must now be treated with total scepticism; if they can renegade once they can do so again.

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