Wednesday, 20 October 2010


Ann wrote this Psalm in memory of Chris, the Director of Music at the Church of St. Francis of Assisi, Barkingside, who died on Saturday 16th October following a period of painful suffering. Chris had been the Director of Music for around 10/12 years and was highly thought of by everyone at St. Francis. Chris was a perfectionist and this showed not only in his playing the organ but in his skilful direction of the Church Choir and the All Saints Festival Choir. May he Rest in Peace.


Have compassion on us O God in our time of sorrow, for you called our brother before his time:

Deep is our grief and the depth of our loss is immense; even though his suffering is over.

Week by week he lead us in song to honour your holy name:

Hour by hour he practiced to make his offering perfect.

He reached our souls with his music, touched our hearts with anthems and carols:

How will we sing to the Lord when our hearts are grieving.

Why was he struck so cruelly O God? Why did he have to suffer so:

So full of life, brightening our encounters with his grin, making us laugh with his jokes; all we have now are memories.

Great is your mercy O Lord, take him to your bosom O God; for there he can join the celestial choirs, be spared out musical errors:

Comfort us, comfort us O God; for great is your gain and devastating our loss.

Ann Jennings

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