Wednesday, 6 October 2010


Yesterday evening, following a Mass celebrated by Father Martinat the Church of St. Augustine, Rush Green, the Redbridge and Havering Ordinariate Group had their inaugural meeting. I introduced the subject of the Ordinaraite, giving some brief details about its inception and explaining how it was now impossible to consider the Church of England as a Catholic Church with the introduction of women priests, the proposed introduction of Women Bishops and the failure of General Synod to offer anything acceptable to ensure any protection for those who were unable, in conscience, to accept these new innovations. I pointed out that the protection afforded by the Act of Synod would be abolished once the legislation for Women Bishops was passed. The Code of Practice seemed to be totally useless and I explained why. I gave details of those who were forming the Committee to decide what the Code of Practice should be.

During the ensuing discussion, I likened the preparations for the ordinariate to a caravan, using an illustration by Bishop Andrew Burnham, the Bishop of Ebbsfleet. The caravan would set of with perhaps only a few people with more joining as it progressed towards the goal of unity with Rome via the ordinaraite. Some would stay for the whole journey whilst others might feel they had to leave. To join the ordinariate was a matter for each person to consider and to make their own decision but, within the terms of the ordinaraite, initially only groups could join to make “worshipping communities.” I said I rather like the suggestion by Father Hunwicke that the ordinariate be known as “Anglicans in Communion with Rome”

I think it was a good meeting with some interesting questions and discussion. 21 people attended the meeting and they decided that they wanted to form a group and would study the Catholic Catechism using the course known as Evangelium. The date of the next meeting in November has to be arranged and details will be forwarded to all those who attended the first meeting and to several others who had indicated an interest but for various reasons had not been able to attend this time.


Ann had to go to the North Middlesex Hospital yesterday for a consultation with the Consultant who did the operation to pin her bone. He was very pleased with her progress and now she doesn’t have to use her crutches or wear the thigh to toe splint anymore!!!!. For the while being she will need to use a stick but she is delighted to be able to use both her legs normally. Deo Gratias


  1. Father, This is very encouraging...please be certain of our prayers at Hockley!
    much love to you and to Ann.

  2. This is news to me - I was away from home for almost the whole of September.

    During her working life Ann did my pre-op examinations in 2005 and 2006 prior to my knee joint replacement operations at King George Hospital, Ilford. She also arranged discharge to home on each of those occasions. I was very grateful to her for her sensitive explanations of the process, which I'm pleased to say was entirely successful on each occasion.

    I wish Ann well and a complete recovery.