Saturday, 2 October 2010

Shopping on Crutches

Since Ann has been on crutches I have been very surprised by the way some people have reacted; some are very helpful whilst others are not. For example sometimes we visit our local Tesco’s to do our weekly shopping and they have these electric scooters to assist people who are unable to walk round the store. It has been quite annoying the way some people barge in front almost pushing Ann out of the way as she has steered around the store or they walk in front and stop dead without any consideration for the fact that these scooters take time to stop so she has had to swerve to avoid hitting them. In fact, some of the behaviour has been extremely rude; whilst (a minority) have been very considerate.

Last week we went to Dagenham as petrol was being sold there at £1.10 per litre – the cheapest around and it’s just down the road from St. Augustine’s Church. Next to the petrol station is a large Morrison’s, so, for a change, we decided to go and do our shopping there; Ann was able to use their electric scooter. What really impressed both of us was the way people behaved. It was totally different to our experience at Galloway Corner Tesco’s, Romford. People were polite, getting out of the way with a smile. When we had finished shopping we realised we had left our shopping bags in the car so I went to collect them, leaving Ann in the queue at the Check Out. When I got back a few moments later, the lady in front of us was unpacking the scooter trolley for Ann. I couldn’t believe it.

Locally, people look down their noses at folk from Dagenham as being “not quite nice” or the lowest of society. Utter rubbish – they could teach people in our area, especially some of those who shop at our local Tesco’s elementary good manners. Ann being temporarily disabled has made us appreciate what some people have to put up with all the time.

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