Sunday, 2 February 2014



Today I officiated at St. Paul’s, Goodmayes which has just started an Interregnum. When I arrived at the church I was greeted by being told that the electricity was not working so there were no lights, no heat, and no organ. All the fuses had been inspected and all seemed OK. We would have to have a “said” Mass instead of the usual Solemn Parish Mass. Just before we left the Sacristy for the service the lights came on, the organ started to work and, thank goodness, the heating started up.

In the sermon I pointed out that Mary and Joseph had made the thank-offering of two birds rather than the unblemished lamb which the wealthy could afford. Of course, they presented the “Lamb of God” because that is what Jesus was.

After Mass many of us went to the hall for refreshments.

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