Sunday, 23 February 2014


I presided at the Solemn Parish Mass today and Father Martin concelebrated, read the Gospel, preached and led our Intercessions. In his sermon Father Martin wanted to stress our need to have “faith, hope and charity (love)” in all our dealings. He mentioned that on a practical note there would be two opportunities to help charities during Lent: USPG and our local Hospice. He mentioned Cardinal Vincent Nichol’s condemnation, as well as the church leaders letter to the Daily Mirror, highlighting the problems with poverty and the need, in this day and age, for food banks. The letter had the signatures of 27 Bishops and 16 other Christian leaders. There was a great need, he said, for “faith, hope and charity (love)” in all we do.


  1. I should be very interested to read the church leaders' views of the obscenity of an inarticulate half wit being paid £15.6 millions a year for kicking a football around on a patch of grass.