Friday, 13 September 2013


We’ve been away for a few days, staying in Southport. As my granddaughter started school last week, our daughter took some leave to see her settled in so that meant that Ann was relieved of child-minding for few days so we decided we would have a few days away. Looking on the internet I found this cottage in Southport which looked ideal, and, never having been there, we decided it would be a great place to visit and we weren't disappointed. We had a wonderful time and we saw red squirrels at the nature reserve in Formby which is owned by the National Trust. A few years ago they were nearly all wiped out with a flu type bug but now they back in force and we must have seen getting on for a dozen or more and what lovely animals they are.

More tomorrow, when I’ll put some photo’s on the blog and tell you about the wonderful organ I played at St. Stephen’s Church in Lytham St. Anns.

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