Thursday, 19 September 2013

Ask Nick Clegg to stop the insults


Yesterday, Deputy Prime Minister Nick Clegg used his Lib Dem Conference speech to mock opponents of redefining marriage, calling them “dinosaurs”. Watch it for yourself.

We think you should send a respectful email to Mr Clegg, telling him that cheap insults are not worthy of a British Deputy Prime Minister and asking him to apologise. If the remark makes you less likely to vote Lib Dem, please tell him.

The Rt Hon Nick Clegg MP

In his speech he said that while serious parliamentarians were debating the vital issues in the House of Lords, he thought the right place to be was outside Parliament with campaigners clapping along to Abba’s song, Dancing Queen.

Remember last year, his office issued a speech calling us all “bigots”. He hastily retracted the document, saying he would never use such language. He blamed his officials, and said he respected those who disagree with him.

There was precious little respect shown yesterday. If he wants to disagree with us, that’s up to him. But as Deputy Prime Minister he should not use insulting words to write off millions of people who believe in traditional marriage.

Here are some tips for what to say (please only use one or two points, and please use your own words).

Please be polite and respectful.

  • If his remarks make you less likely to vote for the Liberal Democrats, please say so.
  • Say you’re very disappointed that Nick Clegg would stoop to insults and name-calling.
  • Say there’s a lot of concern about the civil liberty of people who believe in traditional marriage, and this intemperate language will just increase the chances of traditional marriage supporters being sidelined.
  • Say the remark is unbecoming of a British Deputy Prime Minister, and he should show more respect for people who disagree with him.
  • Say you are personally offended by his ill-chosen remarks which display an intolerant attitude.
  • Say polls show millions of people did not support the redefinition of marriage, and they should not be written off in such insulting terms.
  • Say people of good will had sincere concerns about redefining marriage, including within Mr Clegg’s own party, and they deserve a little more respect.
  • Ask him whether he thinks people should throw around cheap insults on this highly sensitive issue.

Yours sincerely,

Colin Hart
Colin Hart
Campaign Director
Coalition for Marriage

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  1. Liberal Democrats - the prostitutes of the British political system.