Sunday, 22 September 2013


This weekend is the once a year event called London Open House when various places of interest, many not normally open to the public, welcome guests. Ilford Hospital Chapel has been taking part in this for several years and we had a steady stream of visitors yesterday. What I don’t believe is that the Underground (TFL) has closed part of the Central Line, Bakerloo Line, Docklands Light Railway, and the Northern Line for “planned engineering “ work. Am I being totally naive when I think that liaison between Transport for London and the organisers of the London Open House could, and should, take place so that people can take advantage of this annual event, easily moving around the capital without the hassle of trains being replaced by buses.

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  1. For some years now London Underground has had a programme of weekend closures - and last year closed the Central Line for almost two complete weeks. The works are essential if the daily travelling of people going to, and coming from, their work places is to be maintained and improved. This last weekend would have seen such a closure, if not in the Redbridge area, then in some other part of London with equal disruption of its "open house" programme.

    Anybody feeling especially aggrieved should email the London Assembly member for Havering & Redbridge:

    But anybody writing to him might not get a reply.