Thursday, 27 June 2013


I listened to LBC on my way to Ilford Hospital Chapel this morning. The programme was concerned with the new “cuts” announced yesterday by the Chancellor George Osborne. One of these is that in the future instead of three working days wait before registering it will now be a week. The argument being that when people leave employment they are paid. But what happens when that is not the case?

One man who had worked all his adult life had gone to work as usual on a certain Friday recently. Towards the end of the day he was dismissed and, because the companies money had run out, they were not able to pay him. He went with his wife to register the fact that he was unemployed on the Monday and, never having completed the Benefit forms before, was given assistance by one of the staff. He then waited three weeks only to receive a letter saying he wasn’t entitled to any benefit as the forms had been incorrectly completed.

He went back to the office and saw the same person who had assisted him before but who hotly denied this until it was proved that this was the case. The forms were then correctly completed and now, a further three weeks later, he has received his back dated cheque. In the meanwhile, having no money and no income, he has been compelled to borrow from family and friends and has lived by donations from a food bank.

This is 21st Century Great Britain where there have been massive tax cuts for the really wealthy at the expense of the poorest in our society.


  1. The largest single reason for people attending Food Banks whose newsletters I read is 'delay in receiving benefits'. I wish this could be communicated to the Chancellor, because I am sure I do not see the economic or other benefit achieved by the proposed delays.

    1. It could be the responsibility of the Chancellor only in respect of his demoralisation of the civil service.

  2. Lots of delays recently. And when you put them together it creates a goodly amount of interest for the Chancellor....